As part of our service, we  offer several trainings including but not limited to the following:

1. Parenting Workshops:

These workshops are not the same as parenting classes or courses.  They are designed to demonstrate the role of a parent and how to share ideas on carrying out this role.  The workshops cover topics such as: The parent as teacher, confidante, protector, provider, counsellor, friend, instructor, corrector and comforter.


2. Parenting Classes for Fathers: Fathers of Substance Workshop:

This workshop is specifically for fathers and covers topics such as: contact, supporting your family, parenting away from the family home, interacting with your children, the father as validator


3. Practicing Social Work in England:

This course is for social workers who qualified abroad and are new to the field of social work practice in England.


4. Family Group Conferences:  

This course is designed to equip social care practitioners with the necessary skills for cooordinating Family Group Conferences. 


Safety Trainings
CPR/First Aid with AED Adult, Children, and Infants
Preventing Slips Trips and Falls

Managing Stress

Preventing Back Injuries

Blood-borne Pathogens

Sports Safety

Hands Only CPR

Wilderness and Remote First Aid

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