Professional Organisations

Organisations that come to us for independent input, can expect an unrivalled commitment to professional excellence and work that will stand the rigorous tests of being cross-examined in the Courts or in public

In order to provide truly individualised, independent and responsible services, we will adapt and link our services to other social care providers and local community groups. 

We aim to offer a high standard of service that demonstrates practice excellence and marks us out as the preferred partner to professional and charitable organisations.  The following are some of the services we will provide:

  1. Independent social work assessments of individuals and families i.e. viability, kinship, parenting and permanency reports.
  2. Short term / contracted social work cover – specified projects only.
  3. Staff training: Practicing social work in England for the first time.
  4. Social care research
  5. Advice on planning and setting up social care businesses.
  6. Comprehensive and independent Court reports.
  7. Life story work.
  8. Facilitating family mediation.
  9. Facilitating and conducting Family Group Conferences.


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