Individuals & Families

If you are coming to us as an individual or family we are confident that the advice you receive from us will be balanced and relevant to your circumstances.

We recognise the demands that caring for children, young people or vulnerable adults places on parents and carers, and we appreciate the pressures that social care intervention can add to these caring responsibilities.  In order to help, we aim to provide independent advice that will enable you to understand your circumstances and how to work through the social challenges  you may be facing. 

The people who come to us will have access to independent advice, which will include some or all of the following:

  1. Child Protection Advice and Court Order or Children in Need processes.
  2. Advocacy services for individuals and / or families.
  3. Understanding social workers' concerns.
  4. Communicating concerns to social care professionals.
  5. Sign posting for local and national support services.
  6. Understanding behavioural challenges.
  7. Working with social care professionals, including teachers, social workers and health workers.
  8. Reporting welfare concerns.
  9. Parenting Workshops: what good parenting means, the fatherhood principle, the power of family unity.
  10. Knowing your rights in social care interventions.
  11. Maintaining harmony within your family.



Call us on 0871 717 9518 (Calls cost 10 pence per minute).  Calls from mobile phones may vary.  Please check with your network provider.


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