Our consultations showed us that many people were in need of independent social care advice services.  People engaging with social services are often suspicious of the professionals working with them and unsure of their own rights, but feel unable to ask questions about the services provided to them.   The questions that follow below are some of the ones that we have frequently been asked.

Questions and Answers:

1. Who are you and what is your service all about?

We are independent social care advisors.  Our service is about answering any questions that callers may have across a broad spectrum of social care issues such as parenting, child welfare, safeguarding vulnerable people, working with social work professionals, how and where to access social care support or just giving independent social work advice.  

2. How is what you do different from what Social Services provide?

The main difference is that we are not paid by the government.  Because of this, the advise we give focuses mainly on individuals' unique circumstances.  Additionally, because you come to us for advice, it is entirely up up to you to accept or decline our recommendations.  Our advisors have the qualifications, experience and desire to see people's lives changed for the better but we are under no obligation to force you to act on our advice.

3. Are you authorised to give social care advice?

Yes, we are.  Our advisors are suitably qualified and registered with the appropriate professional bodies and monitoring authorities.  This means that they have the academic qualifications to give social care advice and are CRB checked.

4. Are your staff qualified to give social care advice?

Yes, our staff are qualified to give social care advice.  As mentioned above, they all have the necessary academic qualifications and experience within their field of expertise.

5. How do I know that the advice I have been given is good advice?

The advice given will be responsible according to your individual circumstances and weighed up in light of current legislation and academic knowledge.  This means that you can trust our professional judgement.  However, the only assurance you have can only be derived when you apply our advice to your circumstances.

6. What happens to the information I give you?

The information you give is used solely for the purpose of giving you advice.  We do not ask for personal information, unless you require us to do more than give advice.  In such circumstances, we will store your details within the guidelines of the Data Protection Act.

7. Are you part of social services?

No, we are not part of social services.  As our name suggests, we are independent social care professionals and pride ourselves in that independence.  This means that we are always neutral and can therefore give impartial advice.

8. Can you represent me at social work meetings?

Yes, we can represent you at social work meetings.  However, this service incurs an administrative charge.

9. What help are you able to give me?

Besides advice, we can guide you in accessing social work support and encourage you along the way. 

10. Can you help with housing issues? 

Unfortunately, when it comes to housing issues, we are unable to do more than give you advice and direct you to relevant departments.

11. Do you charge for the advice you give?

No, we do not charge for the advice we give.  However, any requests that require us to write a report or submit a statement will be charged.

12. Why do you charge for reports and statements?

A considerable amount of work goes into preparing and writing reports or statements.  The only way we can justify our input is to levy a charge.  Charges for reports and statements vary considerably and depend on what has been requested.  Please contact us directly to discuss costs.

13. What if I want to remain anonymous?

You can choose to remain anonymous when you call.  What is important is that you get the advice that you need in order to make a difference in your situation.

14. How do I commission you for independent work in Court cases?

You can commission us for independent work either through your solicitors or through the Local Authority.  They will help you to identify the issues that need to be addressed in the independent report. 

15. Does your work replace that of Local Authority social workers?

No, our service aims to provide an alternative in accessing social care expertise i.e. one in which you seek advice when things are not going well rather than the professional approaching you because the situation has reached a level of concern that requires Local Authority involvement.


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