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DK Social Care Advice service was set up following consultation with people who had been involved, at different levels, with social care professionals.  Many of those we spoke to said that the intervention process and the roles of the various social care professionals had not been explained to them, and they did not know how to express their concerns without feeling alienated.  We therefore felt that it was necessary to provide a service that would give clear, unbiased advice across all areas of safeguarding vulnerable children and adults.  

Our primary objective is to work with people facing social challenges in order to equip them with the knowledge they will need to achieve their optimum potential.   We aim to do this through the provision of responsible and independent social care advice, including how to positively benefit from social work interventions.  Our advice is free to those who phone in* or make enquiries via email.  However, we charge fees for any comprehensive work that requires us to submit reports or statements.  Our practice guarantees are that:   

  1. We will manage our service with clarity and transparency as a means of building relationships of trust.
  2. In line with supporting anyone who comes to us, we will deliver innovative services that respectfully identify individuals' strengths and weaknesses, in order to tailor advice and enhance potential.
  3. We will also encourage mentoring system for individuals, and wherever relevant and practical, for families.
  4. We will, in adapting our services, consult with the users and other professionals  to ensure that our services remain relevant and practical.
  5. We will promote a responsible approach to the way we give advice and deliver our services; reflecting integrity and treating everyone with dignity and respect.
  6. We will be accountable for our words and actions.
  7. We will provide our service in a friendly, efficient and professional manner.
  8. We will be open and honest in all our dealings.

* Calls to our 0871
number cost 10 pence per minute at all times.  Calls from mobile phones may vary.  Please check with your network provider.


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