Welcome to DK Social Care Advice Limited. Our goal is to give support to parents,  social care clients, and proffesionals in the social work feild. Over the years, we have learned that these groups need an understanding and encouraging voice to help them through tough situations. Frankly, from time to time, we all need support and encouragement.

Our past clients have expressed they needed "someone who has the time to listen without being judgemental about my situation", "someone who understands what it is like to look after children as a single parent", "someone who gives practical advice and not just book knowledge", "someone who doesn't talk down to me or think they are better than me" someone who is not worried about their office stats", "someone caring and patient and knowledgeable", "someone I can talk to and they still treat me with respect".

Generally speaking, most people respected the skills that professionals possess but found them to be patronising and sometimes un-caring. At our agency you will find the oposite of that experience, we are here for you and your individual needs.

At DK Social Care Advice Limited, your individual circumstances and how  we can serve and encourage you through difficult situations, matter much more than any targets.  Our measure of success depends on you being satisfied with the advice we give and our reward comes as we watch you succeed.

We are a friendly and independent  organisation that provides free social care advice.  Our staff are approachable and have the right qualifiications to give reliable advice.  With our expertise in understanding child care  challenges, managing children's behaviour, improving difficult relationships, and safeguarding vulnerable children and adults, you will find someone who will listen, understand and encourage you through the most difficult situations; relationships, parenting, addictions, work, financial worries, career difficulty and any other challenges you may face.

We are a proficient, progressive organisation which maintains high standards of excellence in the provision of social care services by way of continuous research and feedback from our clients.


To speak to us about your circumstances, or for more information about our services, please call us today on telephone number:

0871 717 9518 (Calls cost 10 pence per minute). 



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